How Iconic Paws Benefits Your Dog’s Dental Health (& Doggy Breath)

How Iconic Paws Benefits Your Dog’s Dental Health (& Doggy Breath)

There are few things in life as comforting as having your dog snuggled up to you. Their warm furry presence is so comforting, their eyes so loving, their friendship so true. The only thing that can mar the experience is a blast of hot dog breath in your face.

The fact is, though, that dog breath does not have to smell bad. Your dog’s breath should actually not have the power to ruin a snuggle session- in fact, it should not be stinky at all. In order to improve your dog’s breath and their overall quality of life, the month of February has been designated as National Pet Dental Health Month by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) in order to teach pet owners the importance of proper dental care, which is an important part of caring for your dog and helping them feel their best. How Iconic Paws Benefits Your Dog’s Dental Health (& Doggy Breath)

Your dog’s mouth and teeth should be checked during their annual or bi-annual veterinary check-up. If your dog has not been to the vet in over a year, this is a good time to do so since many clinics offer some sort of February dental special. Some dogs will benefit from professional cleanings performed by your vet or by a veterinary dentist. This is usually done under anesthesia so that the medical staff can really work on tartar and plaque buildup like your own dental hygienist does during your cleanings. If your dog needs to have teeth removed or repaired, they can sometimes do this during the same appointment since your dog is already under anesthesia.

Of course, the ideal scenario is to prevent the need for a professional cleaning, which will help your dog feel better and save your dog care budget for fun things like treats and toys. Fortunately, both the Iconic Paws Canine Super Power Probiotic Formula and the Hemp Chicken Sweet Potato Jerky can help you improve your dog’s dental health.

According to a very extensive article in Dogs Naturally Magazine, research has found that probiotics have a positive impact on dental health. According to the article, “they produce anti-bacterial by-products that discourage the colonization of harmful bacteria. They can change the pH of the mouth and the amount of oxygen and they can support the immune system.” The article explains that probiotics bind to the teeth, produce antibiotic substances to fight harmful bacteria, reduce inflammation, and change the PH and oxygen levels.

How Iconic Paws Benefits Your Dog’s Dental Health (& Doggy Breath)This is not really surprising considering how much we know about the relationship between the “gut” and overall health. A healthy gastrointestinal system has been linked to heart health, immunity, emotional well-being, and overall well-being in dogs and humans.

I strongly encourage you to read the entire article as it gives a thorough explanation of the biology of how the gut and the mouth are connected. It is interesting both for our dogs’ health as well as our own and is continued evidence of the importance of gut health on all parts of the body.

Another all natural way to help minimize the plague and tartar buildup in your dog’s mouth is through chewing. Chewing is a natural behavior to dogs and is something most of them enjoy. Bones, antlers and certain toys are useful for longer lasting chews. Because our Hemp Chicken Sweet Potato Jerky treats are crunchy, they can also provide some cleaning benefits as their teeth crunch through the treats, making them both healthy and fun for your dog.