Introducing Iconic Paws Hemp Calming Soft Chews in Duck Flavor

Introducing Iconic Paws Hemp Calming Soft Chews in Duck Flavor

When I last checked in with our amazing friends and customers of Iconic Paws earlier this year, I promised that a new product was coming out by the end of this year. I could not be more excited to announce that our duck flavored Iconic Paws Hemp Calming Soft Chews are now available for you to purchase for your dogs! 

Introducing Iconic Paws Hemp Calming Soft Chews in Duck Flavor

Iconic Paws Hemp Duck Chews

Although I am still deployed on a mission overseas as part of the United States Army, I am thrilled that I have been able to work successfully with my manufacturer to see this product go from the brainstorming process to reality. Just like our other Iconic Paws products, our Hemp Sweet Potato Chicken Jerky and our Canine Super Probiotic Formula, the new Hemp Calming Soft Chews are made from only the purest ingredients. And although I am not back in the United States just yet, the Hemp Calming Soft Chews are made in the United States of top-quality ingredients, just like our other Iconic Paws products.  

Hemp Seed Oil and Full Spectrum CBD Oil 

We use organic hemp seed oil and full-spectrum CBD oil, which are both made of high quality, whole-plant extract sourced from hemp farms in right here in the USA. The hemp is organically grown with sustainable agricultural processes, making it pesticide-free and non-GMO. Our full-spectrum hemp oil is not only rich in phytonutrients such as phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and essential fatty acids but it is also rich in Omega 3s and 6s that promote pet health. 

Both hemp seed oil and CBD oil have health benefits for dogs that include stress and anxiety relief as well as digestive benefits. They are also associated with reduced inflammation, pain relief, seizure relief, and cardiovascular benefits.  

Digestive Benefits and Stress Relief for Dogs  

Chamomile is a versatile herb that promotes healthy digestion in addition to helping with overall calmness in dogs.  Whole Dog Journal explains, “Chamomile delivers reliable antispasmodic, carminative, and mild sedative effects to the digestive system, making it useful in cases of indigestion, gas, or vomiting.” 

Introducing Iconic Paws Hemp Calming Soft Chews in Duck Flavor

Only the best ingredients go in Iconic Paws natural pet products.

Ginger root powder also promotes improved digestion. According to Dogs Naturally magazineginger root has been associated with improving conditions like nausea, bloat, arthritis. If you remember from one of our first blogs, we explained the importance of the relationship between the gut and your dog’s behavior and mental health and something called the Brain-Gut Axis.  This is one reason I felt it was important to promote healthy digestion in this new product as well as stress and anxiety relief.  

In addition to hemp seed oil and CBD oil for stress relief, I’ve included Valerian Root, L-Tryptophan, and Passion Flower powder. These ingredients have been shown to naturally promote reduced stress and anxiety in dogs.  

The new Iconic Paws Hemp Calming Soft Chews are great for overall calming benefits and stress relief. They can also help with your dog’s fear of loud noises and help with situations that your pet finds stressful. Natural duck flavor makes them delicious, so your dog will enjoy the taste in addition to the health benefits of these soft chews.  

Each 9.3-ounce container includes 120 soft chews. We recommend giving your dog one chew for every twenty-five pounds of body weight. You can order your Hemp Calming Soft Chews at Take advantage of the introductory price of $18.99 and free shipping for a limited time.